Truss Roofing

All buildings need a roof with a covering of some sort. It is important to make sure that this area of carpentry is dealt with efficiently and safely. Be it a Standard Truss Roof the favoured choice for most new build developments, or a Bolted Engineered System, it is no shock to find that we have erected many. With an experienced team of dedicated roofing carpenters,

PAYNE CARPENTRY provide a one stop roofing service for the premier house builder.
Roof systems that we regularly fit include some of the following;


Having a good knowledge of these companies and their drawings, allows us to minimize downtime with any possible grey areas. We are confident in the fact that we know the product and therefore produce the correct fitting procedures.

All of our roofs are checked over before final completion, making sure that they are fully compliant with any necessary regulations or specific requirements.